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Graphic Tees

Collection: Graphic Tees

About Our Shirts

  • Long Lasting Graphics

  • Relaxed Fit

  • Stitched Strong

We use a high fidelity type of screen printing that ensures these graphics last as long as possible. This type of printing also makes it so the graphics aren't too heavy on the shirt either! Sweet!

Our tees have a more casual fit - great for time on or off the court.

We make our tees with a super thick, super strong type of cotton that's sure to last.

We also give them parallel row of stitching on the sleeves and collar that produces added durability and a more polished, more SUBLIME look.


Graphic Tees - FAQs

Are they durable?

Yes! We make our clothes to last. Because we make them from such durable and heavy cotton you can plan on having any one of our graphic tees for years to come.

Will it shrink when I wash it?

No. Our shirts come pre-shrunk!

How soon do your graphic tees ship?

We're trying something RAD and only making/printing these shirts once they're ordered. BUT, we should still be able to deliver it to you within 4-6 days!

How does your sizing work?

Our sizing is unisex. You can see the full sizing chart here: Graphic Tee Sizing Chart

When is the last day I can order Graphic Tees before Christmas?

The last day you can order a graphic tee and still expect it before Christmas is December 10